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Real life prizes in AS Roma Powershot Challenge

Each week A.S. Roma in collaboration with I C You is offering a tempting set challenges in AS Roma Powershot Challenge where you can win amazing real life prizes.

These prizes can be signed or unsigned official shirts, shorts, jackets* or even complete home and away sets. You can also win footballs, tickets or other really special unique prized that will definitely raise your status as a club fan.

One of the most extraordinary chances that you have is to periodically participate in a very special and longer challenge that could bring you an amazing VIP prize*. This types of challenges however are only available in specific times of year, so always remember to check our Facebook page for updates.

All you need to do is play and win. We are running these challenges periodically and we always announcing them on our Facebook page.


*The challenges and prizes can be many things. These are just examples and the availability of each challenge is based on an approved scheduled with the club.

*The images are just for exemplification.