Upcoming changes in Powershot

The next update for Powershot Challenge will come with several changes that hopefully will improve the experience of all the gamers and clubs fans:

  • New support button! Yes, now it will be much more obvious how to contact our customer support service
  • New icon for the Tokens and Buy Tokens which will be the same across all the teams. We have changed that because many people found it confusing.  Now it is easier to see it as a virtual currency, what in fact it is. We’ve never tried to hide the fact that you can use Tokens to help you get new players and achieve better scores easier
  • Tier 1, 2, 3 Challenges and so on. Actually we can have now as many tiers as we want. The users will advance to new tiers as they get better scores and the will be able to play in challenges against better players. We will maintain as much as we can a balance around the value of the prizes for each tier. In the future we will finalize an automated advancing system based on the user’s rank. The scope of this change is to create a proper stratification between players and to give more people the possibility of winning prizes.
  • The tokens acquisition window is slightly revamped. We have removed a lot of redundant information
  • We have added a confirmation pop-up for certain purchases like players and challenges unlocks,  so that users no longer buy unwanted things by mistake
  • Several bug fixes like the occasional crash bug in Hall of Fame
  • We think we have finally removed the ghost player…

This patch will soon be available automatically in stores for update. We will probably make this patch a requirement for participating in challenges. A pop-up in game will tell you that you need to install this update before playing.