Manchester City FC Powershot Challenge – Released today

Today is the official release of Manchester City FC Powershot Challenge. We were thinking about publishing here the press release, but that can be read in other places so why not have a more friendly approach to the whole shebang, right?

We don’t want to create any envy, but working with Manchester City FC was the best experience we had between all clubs. They had a very clear list of demands, they had clear opinions on brand value and they have been extremely fast and communicative. I must say that their digital media and marketing department must be very well organized.
Of course, there have been some bumps, but they were insignificant pimples in the great scheme of things.

Anyway, the game is out now after around 6 weeks of development and we are waiting for the marketing campaign to kick in. It is our 7th release, which pretty much says it all. And we will have more soon.

Yeah, and don’t forget to compete for those 2 tickets for the last match of the league ;).