Jumping Winners

We run a highly competitive game. But even the most competitive game can be mastered which means that there is the possibility that if you learn a few good tricks, you can become a Champion.

We define a champion a winner that managed to win at least 5 challenges. Right now, across all our teams, we have many champions, and before we introduced the tier filtering system, we even had people winning as much as 15 times.

One thing that we have noticed is that many champions are jumping from a club to another and, obviously, they are winning there too. In this case, we think we might have a problem, because there is a very fine line between what is ethically fair in this particular case and what is allowed by the game itself.We have on one side the profit part and on the other side the service value and quality. While we need money to continue existing as a service, we also need ethics in order to maintain the actual “value” of our products. We define value not as how much it costs but in what the app means to you, the players.

A champion jumping to play from one club to another is allowed by all means. Winning different prizes is also allowed by the game mechanics. But that doesn’t mean is ethically fair. The fairness break down even further when a champion is limited to participating only in high tier challenges and he creates secondary accounts in order to win the low tier prizes too. And when a champion does all the above and also wins the same prize twice, in consecutive challenges, then we have a big ethical problem. We haven’t even talked about going after prizes that the winner cannot take advantage of.

What happens is that all the other players will rightfully feel cheated. You would think  – “But what do you care? A champion maybe spends a lot of money to win, so it is good business.”. Well, we do care. Good business also means fair business. Long term survival is based on how the “business”, which translates into actual people, us, is treating their customer base. We do not define our product as a money maker. Profit is important because it allows us to exist. But we like to think that what we have is a product that can bring the joy of a real collectible to the real fans, people who really care about their teams and who deserve those prizes by all means.  Allowing the service to be taken advantage of is bad business.

We know that Powershot can be frustrating sometimes because there can be only one winner per challenge. That is why we want to give everyone equal chances of winning. An “untrained” team has no chance against a champion team. It is “unfair” to match them against each other from the start.

Thus, since we manage each winner/champion personally and we don’t leave soulless systems to take care of it, we are aware of any issues or not-so-fair play situations. And yes, for those not playing fair, this is a friendly warning that can be followed by a swift resolve.