Not everything is perfect…

From time to time we have frustration periods coming. Sometimes are determined by external factors, sometimes are internal. In most of the cases both factors are contributing to an issue.

In developing our next game, for which we have name but we won’t tell yet, we had a pretty smooth period. Everything went as planned, even better actually, we have managed to squeeze in a longer polishing period and we also managed to add many new cool features. This means that somehow we are even a bit ahead of schedule, if we take in account the MVP of minimum viable product.

An MVP is usually thought with absolute minimum type of features that you need in order for the product to be good to be put on market. It does actually represent a completed product, it will work, but it is not containing any cherries on top. Think about a car without the actual improvements – the paint job is cheap, no acclimatization, plastic seats no heating, no acoustic isolation. But it does work and it will do the job.

One of the cool features in top of MVP we are implementing, for example, is Applifier. This is a great advertisement service that allows you as a user to gain in-game currency, while you, the developer, will receive money for advertisements watched by the user. It is a nice, non-invasive and fair service. Thus we want to use it across our apps to answer a question that we heard often from users – “Is there another way to gain Tokens?”.
All went smooth on Android until we tried to create an iOS version and we have hit an error which we have tried to solve for 2 weeks. Of course, 2 weeks in real time, because we cannot afford to spend too much time per day on fixing something that doesn’t work. We tried to contact Applifier guys, but we got no answer yet. This became a big frustration source because we really want this feature in our game, but we cannot have it for now due to strange issues.

In this cases there is usually one solution – feature cut and wait for better days. We might actually be forced to do this next week which we think it honestly sucks… But we need to move on.