Summer is coming

Summer in Sweden is something really special. It is not only the fact that the nature is reacting explosive to long days and warmer weather, it also the fact that the Summer it is a very special treat for a cold northern country. You can already feel the vibes. People are more relaxed, smiling more often, walking slower, daydreaming… It is a nice feeling, yet discomforting at the end of a project :).

And it is OK for now. We are trying to finish everything important before the end of June. Because in July, everything stops. As opposed to the southern countries, where August is the vacation month, Sweden is barren in July. The owners even lock the offices buildings because there are so few people left working. Some of the expats are a bit shocked of the amplitude of this thing because they are not used to plan vacations in July. It is a month when it is to hot in the southern Europe. August is better there because of the weather is friendlier. You don’t cook in the sun so hard.

Anyway, according to some clubs, it seems that summer is a great time for mobile games. Especially football games. Since it is vacation as well in the world of football, people tend to get a lot into gaming on mobile, because they miss the sport. And, of course, we will not fail to be there. As a result, we are planning some very interesting challenges for all teams interested for this summer. It will be a good time to throw out those cool VIP experiences for the people to profit. So , profit!

One thing that will happen in August, which is very important for us, is the “transfer window”. During this time, teams will exchange many top tier players, which means that we will have to do pretty much the same. With 7 games containing only top tier players, we will have a lot on out plate in the begging of September. Not to mention the new game…

So, stay tuned. It is getting “hot” in here ;).