Striker Challenge done and submitted!

Last week we finally managed to finish the game. As a result, it has been submitted to the Apple Store where it awaits Apple approval. This process can take a while, depending on how many times we will be rejected.

Fear not! The rejections from Apple Store are a very common thing. Apple are doing policy changes on a weekly basis and that makes it really hard to keep up to sometimes. As a result, submissions succeeding on the first try are quite rare and they happen mostly for really experienced teams, who know how to properly handle a submission. We are almost there, with 8 successful submissions until now, of which 1 or 2 on the first try.

As you can see from the lack of posts on the developer blog it has been a tough period now, trying to finish the game before vacation. Even if we had to do some small feature cuts we have done it and the team should be really proud about this. Those who are familiar with the development process for games know how rare are those cases when you can finish on time with decent quality and in budget.


Since the only unknown in the process is the Apple Store submission outcome, we will probably release with the first teams in September. This doesn’t mean we are staying idle, of course. We will add a huge feature, Team vs Team, and we will further optimize the app. We still have some small features to add back. All these will be available on a later patch.

Meanwhile, Powershot needs constant care and maintenance and we still haven’t deployed the mega-patch, which is probably the patch with the most fixes and additions since Powershot was released.

But, it is vacation period now. July is here, Sweden shuts down…

Have a great vacation and see you in August!!!

Summer is here!!!