Testing, fixing

Huge Catchup

It has been more than 6 months since we have last updated this blog. Some reasons are objective, some subjective, but let’s say that we have recovered from a somehow complex situation. All good now, we go forward. This development team is doing better than ever.

So, the highlights for the last 6 months would be the following:

  1. We have “silently” released Manchester City Striker Challenge. The games looks good and people are playing it. More about this release once it is fully official
  2. We have “silently” released Chelsea FC Striker Challenge. The game is still in beta so there is not content available beside the Practice Challenge. But the game is out there.
  3. We haven’t released Celtic FC Striker Challenge and we don’t think we will release it. But the game is ready, so, who knows…
  4. We have almost finished Liverpool FC Striker Challenge but there seems to be some issues with another company having games with Liverpool FC. The project is on hold.
  5. We are almost done with Real Madrid Striker Challenge
  6. We are also working on a Chinese version of one of our game
  7. We are working on the third big project.

Considering the size of our team, I think we are really busy these days which is a damn good thing.