14 games in 2.5 years

We have just realized that ICYou Development Team has finished until now 14 games in 2.5 years of which 10 have been officially released, 1 unofficially released, then canceled together with another one. 2 more are going to be released in the next few months

Even if in fact there are only 2 games, technically, re-branding is serious work so it looks damn productive!

The 15th completely new project is in early development.

Prizes on the way


We owe a huge amount of apologies to all those people who have been waiting for prizes for a long time. Our logistic issue has been solved so many prizes are on the way. We have probably managed to cover around 70% of the current winners and we anticipate to reach 100% next month.

We know that some of the prizes are not available anymore so we have contacted many of you to ask if we could send replacements. We really hope that you will forgive our lack of communication for the last 6-8 months and that you will accept our deepest apologies. Hopefully will not go through and experience like this again.

A happy end of the season to you all!