About us


So, our official description is “ICYou is an interactive media company and game developer that innovates, imagines and develops brands interactivity with its fans and consumers“. It is accurate but it is bit too generic four this development blog.

What we do is mobile games for iOS and Android, themed on football right now, that are offering users a skill based type of gameplay. This type gameplay is then stacked together with a set of challenges where the users can compete against each other and win prizes. It tends to be highly competitive.

Since the products are free, in order tot sustain them, we are offering in-app purchases that will help players who have less time to play.

The development studio is located in Skövde, in of the biggest development centers in Sweden, called Gothia Science Park. Most people on our team have been previously working in game development companies for more than 3 years and they come with proper education from the game development and design university from here. The studio is managed by a person with more than 12 years of extended international experience in games industry.

Right now, our products are or will be official products for one of the biggest football clubs in the world – FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, A.C. Milan,  Chelsea FC, A.S. Roma, Liverpool FC, A.C. Milan, Manchester City FC, Celtic FC, S.L. Benfica.

It is a pretty fancy list, don’t you think? :)Challenge Series

Creating games for iOS and Android since 2011