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What are we working on?!

We are working on a lot of stuff right now.

For starters wAgueroe have Manchester City Powershot Challenge and Chelsea FC Powershot Challenge on the pipeline. Right now we are drawing the faces of the players which is always a difficult but rewarding job, since that is what makes our games special. It is always nice to see how fans are smiling when recognizing the caricatured faces of their favorite players.

Second, we are working on our second game which will be a much more elaborated project. It will feature 3D stadiums and more complex and difficult mechanics, which it will make it more competitive. On the other hand, we think it is going to be much more fun to play as well. We have added tilting mechanics. Screen swipe is gone! :)

We haven’t quite decided yet on the name of the game and we are not sure about the release date, but we are anticipating it to be very soon.

More details later!

Development Blog Live!



Welcome to the ICYou Team Developement Blog. We have decided to start this journal in order to share with anyone interested a few details of our daily work. As we go, we encounter all kind of situations, some good, some not so good or some that require attention and, yeah, why not write about them?! Some might just be interesting.

We are also going to use this space to announce updates and patches, and gameplay changes, or present you with hints and tips about our games.

We surely hope you will enjoy us sharing some of the Challenges that we will encounter each day in order to develop and rebrand our products