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Prizes on the way


We owe a huge amount of apologies to all those people who have been waiting for prizes for a long time. Our logistic issue has been solved so many prizes are on the way. We have probably managed to cover around 70% of the current winners and we anticipate to reach 100% next month.

We know that some of the prizes are not available anymore so we have contacted many of you to ask if we could send replacements. We really hope that you will forgive our lack of communication for the last 6-8 months and that you will accept our deepest apologies. Hopefully will not go through and experience like this again.

A happy end of the season to you all!

Week 24 updates

First of all, even if it is not entirely official,  we have a new name for our future product and it is Striker Challenge! The name has been chosen like this because this is what you do in the game – you get into the skin of your favorite player and you must finalize. You are a striker. Can you resist the challenge?!

Beside the name, we are now in what we call the “boring phase” of the new project. This means tuning the game mechanics, adjusting the interface, general quality assurance, translations etc. We are getting really close to the beta, which will be in about 3 weeks from now. Beta means game ready or the final testing period. Once in beta, we will run another week or so of additional testing and then the re-branding period will start. Right now is branded for Celtic FC, but we will need to do the same for 3 other teams.

*these are work in progress images. They do not represent the final look of the product.

The game will be ready for release after the transfer period ends, since the teams will swap players around and we will need to adjust the lineup. Since each player is “hand made” redrawing usually takes some time so we will actually have the game ready for release sometimes at the beginning of the autumn. An official release date will be announced.

Summer is also here, which means vacations. We will slow down a bit, of course, but we will continue working on the first patch for the mechanics, which is the support for team vs team competitions for Striker Challenge. Basically you will be able to play against other clubs, score and together with other fans like you, win really crazy prizes… More details in the future.

Powershot Challenge will also get his long awaited patch this summer, which will contain Applifier support, a lot of bug fixes and some game user requested improvements.

In the meantime, we are also thinking about our future game…

Alpha demo for our next game

Unfortunately we cannot really show too much from our future game, but we can say that its development is going fine. It still waits for an approved name, which it might look weird from outside. Naming is always an issue in this industry, mostly a marketing issue :). But, we have proudly achieved and alpha stage, and we are moving now towards beta.

To celebrate the alpha, we have released an internal demo for other people in he company to be able to play (Android only). This not only that will show our progress but it will also help us understand what can we do to make the product better, by watching other people playing.

As a result, we have combined what in Sweden is called “Fika” with a demo presentation for those people who are on site. Giving the reactions and the conclusions, we deem it as a complete success. That was followed by the weekly sprint review when we usually discuss what went good, what went wrong and how do we feel about the last week of development.

To go even further, we also pitched a bit of our planned… third future project, which will be much more different that this too. But about that one… Later!

Week 15 Updates (2014)

We are going through a very busy period right now and that is really good for us. We like busy periods, they make this job feel alive and productive. And no, I am not just saying this… When it gets busy here, it also gets fun. That is because the whole team loves to be kept busy. Which, yeah, for some who think about a job to be just a job, may sound strange.  But not in games industry where people join to actually have fun working.

In any case, we have some serious accomplishments like:

  • Manchester City Powershot Challenge went through the approval process with no issues. It is now ready for release. It is going to start with some really awesome prizes, btw.
  • Chelsea FC Powershot Challenge is on the way. We have already finished a lot of the graphical work and the portraits have been sent of approval.
  • Our second project is also on the way which also triggered the obviously needed integration with Applifier (a mutually beneficial advertising platform)
  • We have managed to eat more chocolate than expected. We are running a A/B test here to see if productivity is increased by chocolate. We will communicate the results, although we think they are obvious

Really now, we are doing great. Things roooolll….:).

Manchester City FC Powershot Challenge approved

After a bit of a back and forth with Manchester City FC, we are now ready with Manchester City FC PSC game. We had some difficulties in catching the right expressions of some of the players. It seems that Nasri is really hard to draw which came as a surprize for us. We noticed that some other people tried some caricaturisation of him and they also had troubles making him recognizable. We thought it is strange, since he seems so particular as appearance, easy to remember.

Anyway, our artist did an awesome job in the end and now we are very proud about Nasri’s in-game look. God job Stefan!

We are not ready to release though, but ready from a production perspective. All the rest is marketing, and other stuff. There is no official release date yet but it will happen very soon. Until then, we have a website and a Facebook page for it so yeah… Cool Manchester City prizes are about to flow onto those who are ready for a challenge.

Upcoming changes in Powershot

The next update for Powershot Challenge will come with several changes that hopefully will improve the experience of all the gamers and clubs fans:

  • New support button! Yes, now it will be much more obvious how to contact our customer support service
  • New icon for the Tokens and Buy Tokens which will be the same across all the teams. We have changed that because many people found it confusing.  Now it is easier to see it as a virtual currency, what in fact it is. We’ve never tried to hide the fact that you can use Tokens to help you get new players and achieve better scores easier Continue reading Upcoming changes in Powershot

Development Blog Live!



Welcome to the ICYou Team Developement Blog. We have decided to start this journal in order to share with anyone interested a few details of our daily work. As we go, we encounter all kind of situations, some good, some not so good or some that require attention and, yeah, why not write about them?! Some might just be interesting.

We are also going to use this space to announce updates and patches, and gameplay changes, or present you with hints and tips about our games.

We surely hope you will enjoy us sharing some of the Challenges that we will encounter each day in order to develop and rebrand our products