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14 games in 2.5 years

We have just realized that ICYou Development Team has finished until now 14 games in 2.5 years of which 10 have been officially released, 1 unofficially released, then canceled together with another one. 2 more are going to be released in the next few months

Even if in fact there are only 2 games, technically, re-branding is serious work so it looks damn productive!

The 15th completely new project is in early development.

Week 24 updates

First of all, even if it is not entirely official,  we have a new name for our future product and it is Striker Challenge! The name has been chosen like this because this is what you do in the game – you get into the skin of your favorite player and you must finalize. You are a striker. Can you resist the challenge?!

Beside the name, we are now in what we call the “boring phase” of the new project. This means tuning the game mechanics, adjusting the interface, general quality assurance, translations etc. We are getting really close to the beta, which will be in about 3 weeks from now. Beta means game ready or the final testing period. Once in beta, we will run another week or so of additional testing and then the re-branding period will start. Right now is branded for Celtic FC, but we will need to do the same for 3 other teams.

*these are work in progress images. They do not represent the final look of the product.

The game will be ready for release after the transfer period ends, since the teams will swap players around and we will need to adjust the lineup. Since each player is “hand made” redrawing usually takes some time so we will actually have the game ready for release sometimes at the beginning of the autumn. An official release date will be announced.

Summer is also here, which means vacations. We will slow down a bit, of course, but we will continue working on the first patch for the mechanics, which is the support for team vs team competitions for Striker Challenge. Basically you will be able to play against other clubs, score and together with other fans like you, win really crazy prizes… More details in the future.

Powershot Challenge will also get his long awaited patch this summer, which will contain Applifier support, a lot of bug fixes and some game user requested improvements.

In the meantime, we are also thinking about our future game…