Manchester City FC Powershot Challenge approved

After a bit of a back and forth with Manchester City FC, we are now ready with Manchester City FC PSC game. We had some difficulties in catching the right expressions of some of the players. It seems that Nasri is really hard to draw which came as a surprize for us. We noticed that some other people tried some caricaturisation of him and they also had troubles making him recognizable. We thought it is strange, since he seems so particular as appearance, easy to remember.

Anyway, our artist did an awesome job in the end and now we are very proud about Nasri’s in-game look. God job Stefan!

We are not ready to release though, but ready from a production perspective. All the rest is marketing, and other stuff. There is no official release date yet but it will happen very soon. Until then, we have a website and a Facebook page for it so yeah… Cool Manchester City prizes are about to flow onto those who are ready for a challenge.

The Next Game and a Visit

We don’t have a name for it yet, so we will just refer to it as the The Next Game. I think these are the first images for now. We will come with some updates in the future.

In other words, our CEO paid us a visit today and it was really satisfying for us to see him playing The Next Game we are working on.  We all had fun. And that is the most important aspect of game. Because if it is not fun, then it is not a game. It is a code shrubbery.

And we are creating games, not coding shrubberies.

Upcoming changes in Powershot

The next update for Powershot Challenge will come with several changes that hopefully will improve the experience of all the gamers and clubs fans:

  • New support button! Yes, now it will be much more obvious how to contact our customer support service
  • New icon for the Tokens and Buy Tokens which will be the same across all the teams. We have changed that because many people found it confusing.  Now it is easier to see it as a virtual currency, what in fact it is. We’ve never tried to hide the fact that you can use Tokens to help you get new players and achieve better scores easier Continue reading Upcoming changes in Powershot

Powershot Challenge – Beginners’ Tips

In order to get the best scores, here are some simple tips:

  1. Timing, meaning the moment when the arrow is in the square, it is very, very important in score calculation. Always try to catch the arrow in the best position possible
  2. Swipe as straight as possible in the direction the arrow is pointing. Try to use a straight surface to avoid hand shakes
  3. If you get swipes better than just Good in a row, you will get a lot of hearts, or Supporter Points, as we call them. You can gather those to unlock new players
  4. Boosts will not help you win, but they will help you do less mistakes in critical moments by making your player more precise. That will usually come with more combos and better scores if you practice.
  5. Better players always means more goals. Just like in real life :)

If you have any questions you can always contact our support service and we will provide you with adequate answers.